Steve Longford

Steve Longford
Senior Intelligence & Behavioural Analyst

Steve Longford is a former Australian Police Officer who served as a Detective, a Senior Intelligence Analyst and a Behavioural Analyst. He resigned in 2000 as the head of the Queensland Police Service’s Violent Crime Analysis Unit where he trained with the FBI as a profiler and worked on serial violent crime. He was also engaged in detection of deception in written and oral statements and compilation of interview and investigative strategies in relation to homicide, sexual assault, extortion and kidnapping offences. He has tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Intelligence.

He has worked on cases such as the Childers Backpacker Hostel Fire, the Snowtown Serial Killers, Panadol/Herron Extortion and consulted directly to the Indonesian Government and the AFP on the Bali bombings.

For five years he was the Principal Consultant with the Distillery; an Australian company providing intelligence solutions to law enforcement, intelligence and compliance agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As Manager of the Distillery’s Corporate Intelligence Division, he has spent three years researching and combining different facets of profiling, psychology, deception detection, body language, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and interview methodologies into a single tool called Behavioural Intelligence.

He is now the Managing Director of New Intelligence where he is concluding the commercialization of Behavioural Intelligence, Behavioural Interviewing and Corporate Intelligence as concepts through compilation and delivery of behavioural and intelligence training programs and consulting services.