Duncan Chessell

Duncan Chessell
Director, Chessell Adventures

Duncan is the founder and company director of Chessell Adventures. He is a mountain guide, geologist, father, outdoor educator and talented photographer. His diverse skills come together to make him an inspiring, well-informed and charismatic speaker.

Duncan has climbed Mount Everest twice (2001 and 2007) and is the only South Australian, and one of only a few Australians, to have climbed the world’s highest peak.

In 2006 Duncan led the first sea to summit climb of Mt Vinson in Antarctica to attain the seventh of the fabled “Seven Summits” and is one of only about a dozen guides to have led expeditions to all of the “Seven Summits”. In 2007 Duncan led the most successful Australian Everest expedition ever and reached the summit for the second time himself.

Expedition leadership has taught Duncan many lessons and his stories of Everest and The Seven Summits lend themselves to a number of main concepts including:

  • Vision – setting a clear goal
  • Living your dream – inspiration
  • Leadership – situational leadership and teamwork
  • Breaking ‘impossible’ tasks into bite-sized chunks
  • Project learning cycle – plan, do, reflect
  • Project management – planning, logistics,
  • Risk management
  • The importance of self awareness.

Duncan draws on his expertise as a mountain climber and adventurer to inspire and entertain an audience. He weaves a multi-layered story with his fantastic images and carefully tailors the content to suit his audience.